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Restart + First Film Photos


I’ve been putting off writing this post for weeks now because I honestly didn’t know how to make that “comeback” on the blog.. But what the heck, I’m doing it now. At midnight. Having finished my 2nd cup of coffee.

If you followed me on Instagram, you might have known that I stopped blogging 4 months ago to step back, reevaluate myself,  find a part-time job to support my “blogging needs” (lol yes that exists) and figure things out. Guess what? I did find a part-time job.. but I didn’t figure things out.

Because what I’ve learned is this: You can’t wait for things to be perfect in order to begin. Sometimes you just gotta dive into it. But don’t just carelessly do everything without having a plan in mind. Although a plan is really just something on the mind, and may or may not happen, knowing where and how to start is a big step. And then that step can lead you to another.. and then another.. and another.

So…here are some of the things you might see on the blog in the next few weeks/months:

1.  Photography of mostly film for now (I can make a book about how inlove I am with film but I’ll save the explanation on a full post about why I will predominantly (not entirely ’cause I’ll go broke and live in poverty), shoot film. But overtime, I’ll be using digital some time soon too. I’ll let you know which is which, but I suppose you can tell the difference anyway.

2. Travel diaries. One of the decisions I’ve made is to travel more often, like really save up and plan trips than just sit and say “Oh well, once I get a nicer job, I’ll be able to travel the world.”

3. Cafés. If you’ve followed my blog before, or my Instagram account, you know how obsessed I am with coffee shops.

4. Style. I’m no fashion blogger nor a fashion enthusiast but I have my personal style and I kinda wanna share it with you sometimes.

5. Lists. Season’s reading lists. Music playlists. To-do lists. Whatsoever.

6. Inspirations. What inspires me and some reflections on life.

7. More, more photos.

…and stuffs I want to creatively express in this little web space of mine. ♥


Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these photos I took from my first two rolls of film. They’re not much but I hope you find the meaning behind them and savour them as much as I did.

First roll of film.



F1000033 F1000034

It was a gloomy day. No sun nor clouds. Just an open shade and strong wind that’ll pull you.



The view I see everytime I walk to work. Ahhhh




The view from our apartment window. And my sister’s hair.

Second roll of film.
Most photos are “damaged” because I forgot to rewind the film before opening the camera. But I don’t consider it as a waste though. It was a learning experience and the light leaks are beautiful.

In a nearby coffee shop while waiting for the first film to develop.

3 19760004

Recommended driving playlist:

1. Soldier On- The Temper Trap

2. How Deep is Your Love- Bee Gees

3. That Girl- Justin Timberlake

4. Shine- Benjamin Francis Leftwich

5. No Place Like Home- Honne




4While waiting for the bus. While inside the bus.


Film is timeless.

Just a quick note to celebrate my first post of this “renewed” blog: Don’t be afraid to start over again. If you fail on your first try, there’s always the second. And the third. And so on. No one can tell you it’s over unless you tell yourself it’s done. It’s okay to pause. It’s okay to fall back. It’s okay to not figure everything out. It’s called being human. But don’t put a period where God has put a comma. Keep moving forward.

All my love,


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    Jeph Polancos
    March 10, 2016 at 7:07 pm

    Great comeback post, blogger best! 🙂 And I loooove the photos!! It looks like a whole new world jud dira ayy 🙂

    • Reply
      March 18, 2016 at 3:18 pm

      Thank you blogger best! <3 It is!! But I miss Asia though 🙁

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