On Writing, Photography and Odyssey

It is utterly baffling and somewhat unnverving to write here again after temporarily abandoning this blog for eight months.. but I’ll try to manage somehow.

• On Writing •

Much about my groundwork to construct this post was a full week of reading a fair amount of essays, hoping to get better on word play and compose sentences with bewildering literary tone. But I’ve come to understand that I ain’t gonna be the next Hemingway overnight. Writing, as with all other forms of art, takes time and constant effort.. which I obviously need to work on.

But reading other people’s thoughtful writings feeds your mind the same way as if you are in lucid dreaming. Occasionally, I read stuffs online from a few kickass digital influencers (I’m impartial about using the word “blogger”) whose works immensely stimulate a feeling of awe and elicits the motivation to thrive on your own works.

The same is true on a few selection of print magazines  such as Kinfolk, Cereal and Franc. These past few months, I’ve found fulfilment and joy reading on print again— there’s something about the way I am able to touch and smell the paper, crawling my fingers through the typed words and speculating on the photographs in print.

• On Photography •

For any creative, relocating to a country different from where you were raised is like swimming in an ocean of imaginations and wild dreams. It’s a lot of things– the culture, the food, the streets– even the way I dress, the way I have to talk in another language, and the way I see things now.

Sometimes, I blame this utter perpetual feeling of astonishment of why I’ve yet to sort out more than a thousand photos on my drive. Oh, God. I don’t always bring a camera but I always have my phone with me but only about 10% of them gets published on my Instagram. Truthfully, I’ve really just been shooting mostly for myself, just taking whatever creative inspiration I get from people, food, architecture, fashion (self-timers and mirror selfies have been my partners-in-crime. I’d often pick a quiet place and pretend I’m doing an editorial) and anything else that stirs up my mind. 

Alex Lubomirski, a renowned photographer I deeply admire and respect, puts it this way,

“Keep a visual diary of everything you see, everything that interests you, everything that’s amazing, everything that’s beautiful… Just keep filling your visual library. The most important thing is your visual archive in your head… Eventually you’ll end up having this massive library of imagery and you can use that. You may not understand why you like that right now and how you can use that on a project but trust me, in 10 years time, 15 years time, 2 months time, you’re gonna find the use for it.”

• On Odyssey •

I deem it essential to never lose one’s inner child. 17 months living in Dublin and I still always consider myself a tourist. Not just because there’s always something new to see, explore and experience (although there really is), but because no other day is the same. I have a go-to coffee shop in the city, but I consider it necessary to try out other coffee places too. Go to museums, galleries, old bookstores, lifestyle stores, cheese shops; jump on a train and take a trip outside the hustle and bustle of the big city, go to an artist’s display store and ask questions, volunteer on events and meet new people. Some of you may be living in small towns, and may not have that much access to some of these things, but consider yourself a tourist even though you’ve lived there your whole life. There’s always something you haven’t known yet. 





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    Dane Legaspi
    February 5, 2017 at 10:31 pm

    Love it Cam and your photos!! ❤️ Keep it up. There’s always time to go back to writing.

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      February 6, 2017 at 3:21 pm

      Thank you ate dan. xx

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