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Ha’Penny Vintage and Craft Market

Do you remember the blog post where I wrote a little about an indoor flea market? Well, I decided to go back to that place one Saturday noon and do a little bit more exploring. I knew there were hidden gems in there and  I just thought it’d be worth sharing with you. 🙂



A few minutes walk from the Ha’ Penny Bridge anchors one of Dublin’s live music and mixed events venue. The Grand Social houses an indoor flea market of vintage stuffs and crafts from local artists every Saturday from 12 noon until 6 in the evening. #somethingtolookforwardto!


One of the things I’ve developed with myself over time is learning to embrace and greatly appreciate people who, in spite of this world’s unrelenting pressure to climb society’s so-called success ladder, chose the path of honing their skills and talents- may it be their own crafts, their music, their art. 

I admire people who get themselves out there despite the uncertainty and possibility of failure – taking big risks to follow their passions and what they truly care about. That’s big. And important.


Something about these kind of stuffs like exploring a flea market where people celebrate their art or listening to a small local band in a tiny coffee shop in town (big shoutout to Carriages band!) makes me realize that there really are people out there who embrace authenticity and it’s never something to be ashamed of! It’s something to be proud of.

Maybe I’m lucky enough to be able to see, meet and explore such people and places – but if you think about it, we ALL have access to people, things and places we can get inspiration from. After all, it’s the little things. It’s always the little things that we often ignore and fail to realize that they were actually big things.


Walking inside the room felt like walking inside a dark abyss – but artistic and bewildering. I marvel in the way the stalls are set up, the dark, brick walls allowing no light from outside but only the tungsten lamps (and that glass window behind the sunglasses stall).

I felt like walking inside a Harry Potter scene (The Philosopher’s Stone- first movie) where Hagrid and Harry were on their way to Diagon Alley.

A vending machine! What a cool idea :))



I really love these posters’ minimalistic pastel designs. I can already imagine them on my wall. 



I explored further down the hall and saw another room full of vintage clothes. They were all reasonably priced and oh, did I say they were vintage? 


Stacks of old CD’s welcomed me as I entered. I was about to run my fingers through them and check them all out but I only had limited time so I sadly walked away (insert music about letting go with a heavy heart).



But daaamn, these clothes. Somebody put that rack on my room right now!



I had a particular interest on this stall of fabric chokers. I couldn’t very well put into words how much I adore them. There was one girl who kindly explained to me that these were actually handmade and were recycled from legit vintage clothes – sweet! 

Unfortunately, because of the rush and exploration under limited time, I haven’t got the chance to really get to know these different crafts and vintage stuffs from the market, most especially the people behind them (too young, too dumb to realize). Next time, I’ll probably leave my camera for a day and bring my curious mind instead. There’s always a story behind every person’s art.

To more adventures with you,


 P.S. What do you think about reading a Spring Favorites post? Let me know in the comments. 🙂

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    Dane Legaspi
    April 4, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    Cam, what camera+filter are you using? 🙂

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      April 4, 2016 at 9:43 pm

      Hi Ate Dan! I don’t use filters anymore. I’m using old film cameras: Olympus OM2n & Olympus Trip 35 😀

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