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Mother River By Yan Wang Preston

“Throughout my life I thought I knew the Yangtze River, our ‘Mother River’. On my mind the river is that glamorous river, represented by the beautiful Three Gorges, eternal harmonic atmosphere expressed in traditional poems and paintings… That’s the Yangtze River I thought I knew.” –Yan Wang Preston

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Thirty Four Café + Carriages Band

Broken coffee shop wifi is such a heart-breaker. As I sit here in a small corner, I see faces of people in different nationalities and hear offbeat conversations in contrasting languages. Nine months of living in a different country and I still get amazed when I meet different people from different places and cultures. Continue Reading

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Quotes I Live By: On Loving Life

I guess suffering from a bad flu on what’s supposedly my very first St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland doesn’t have to ruin my entire year. While everyone’s enjoying the parade, drinking the famous Irish Guinness beers and having the time of their lives for Ireland’s biggest celebration of the year, I figured I could do something productive myself. Continue Reading